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5 Reasons why you should send thank you cards:

Everyone loves being thanked and appreciated. Showing gratitude to someone is a great way to encourage a positive relationship. And there’s no better way to express appreciation than handwritten thank you cards. Whether you are sending them to a business professional or want to thank your guests, they’re an excellent way to demonstrate thoughtfulness and make a lasting impression.

Lately, many people have questioned whether sending such cards should be a common practice. This inspired us to come up with a list of reasons why this concept is one of the greatest ideas.

  • Helps express gratitude

Gift or no gifts, you should send thank you cards, even just to show your appreciation. They show how grateful you are towards your guest and the fact that they attended your event, regardless of whether they came with a gift.

  • Improves mood

When you focus on what you have instead of what you don't, you’ll start looking at things more positively. Eventually, this will boost your mood. And as gratitude becomes a habit, it’s almost impossible not to notice even the small blessings in life. This has a deeper meaning and can increase happiness and decrease depression.

  • Helps you stand out

Whether to acknowledge a gift from a loved one or as a relationship-building tactic at a workplace, sending thank you notes easily lets you stand out amongst the rest. We live in a digital era where thank-you notes are infrequent, so you can easily make a statement by sending one. It's not a matter of trying to woo someone, but a handwritten note says you truly appreciate the other person.

  • Fosters connection

Over the years, technology has made it easier for us to stay connected all the time. It’s become very easy to thank someone by sending a quick text or a Facebook message. But a physical note says so much more. It says thank you, but it also says, "You have spent extra time to write the note because you appreciate the other person".

  • Revives a lost art

As we continue communicating digitally, thank you cards are getting quite rare. Because many people have a habit of deleting emails or text messages after they read them, gratitude cards can be displayed and enjoyed for days, weeks and even a lifetime! They also allow you to be more creative with the design, so you can include something of artistic value in them.

These are some of the reasons why we encourage sending thank-you notes as an act of appreciation. This way of showing your gratitude will surely leave an everlasting impression and deepen your relationship. And if you’re wondering when you should send these, the answer is whenever you want!

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