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Volunteering and its Amazing Benefits

Would you like to make a difference in people’s lives? Consider being a volunteer. Our lives are busier now more than ever and finding time to volunteer might be a challenge. But now is also the time we need to connect more than ever. What better way to connect than to volunteer!

“The gift of service leads to a life of love” _Mary White

Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteers offer help to communities and people in need, but the benefits of volunteering can be even more meaningful to the volunteer. Apart from connecting with friends and the community, you get to learn new skills and possibly advance your career.

Helping other people can also help improve your physical and mental health. It can help you combat depression and reduce stress. You’ll be mentally active with a sense of purpose.

In short, the benefits of volunteering can be grouped into 4 categories:

· Volunteering enables you to connect with others

· Volunteering results in a life of fulfilment and overall fun

· Volunteering improves your health mentally and physically

· Volunteering helps with career advancement

How to Thank Volunteers: A Message of Appreciation

Today, time is the most precious commodity. Whether as a community, an organization, or individual, it's important to thank volunteers who take their precious time to help out. While doing that, choosing the right words is important too.

You can say thank you by giving volunteers gifts such as a thank you package, which may have T-shirts, hats, coffee mugs and a thank you card. A thank you card is vital because it contains the message of appreciation and they can keep it for years as a memory of the time spent volunteering.

4 Best practices for thanking volunteers

· Be timely

· Be consistent

· Be genuine

· Be creative

Let’s see a few short thank you messages you can write on a thank you card for your volunteers:

· Thank you for all the help you give. We couldn’t get along well without you.

· Thank you for your patience and time. We love and appreciate our volunteers.

· Your help is so important to our community.

· Thank you for your amazing dedication and generosity.

· Words cannot fully express our gratitude for your willingness to volunteer.

· Your generosity seems to be endless. Thank you for volunteering.

Let volunteers know they are appreciated. A thank you card can go a long way.


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