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What to Write in an Anniversary Card

Love and Life! It’s worth celebrating, right?

After every 365 days of the big day, it's time to send that happy anniversary card to a happy couple. Take a moment and think about those couples in your life- can be your wonderful friends or loving parents or even your sweet BFF's parents. The anniversary wishes message you write can communicate your love and care. You can make their day every year.

Or maybe it’s your anniversary. The perfect words can have your wife or husband swooning. And swooning is good for your anniversary.

We have the perfect, simple steps for writing thoughtful anniversary card messages:

  • Address the person – it can be ‘Mom & Dad’, or ‘Dear Oliver & Olivia’ and if it’s your partner, using pet names would be great.

  • Write a few lines of a personal message – It can be an inside joke or a memory you share with your loved ones.

  • Write an anniversary wish – put in a good wish for the future.

  • Include an anniversary quote – let the poets and iconic names’ sentiments or advice add depth to the anniversary wishes.

  • Make sure you add the milestone – is it the 5th anniversary or 50th

  • Now you can say “Happy Anniversary!”

  • Sign off as beautifully as you started – make it warm. You can say "With Love" "Warmest Congratulations to you both" or "Happy 15th”

Are you still unsure about how to write that personal anniversary message? Here are some sentiments that can inspire you:

  • Nothing in this world is perfect… but your love for each other is as close as it gets. Warmest Anniversary wishes.

  • Anniversaries remind us of the hopes for tomorrow, the joys of today, and the memories of yesterday. May you continue to celebrate love together.

  • On this day, I'd like you to know how much I've enjoyed annoying you all these years and I'm excited to keep doing it in the future with you. Happy Anniversary to us.

  • If I’d do life all over again… I’d plan to meet you sooner so I can love you longer.

  • Happy 50th Today. And happy marriage every day. Congratulations

  • You’re the parents every family wishes for, you’re the couple every lover hopes to be. And you’re the support anyone can ever need. Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad.

  • May your adoration for each other keep growing. May your love story get to live forever. More years of bliss to you my friends.

Now that you have a perfect idea for a perfect anniversary message, all you need is a perfect anniversary card!


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